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The most popular hairstyle among women is now a straight hair model. No wonder if many attempts made women to get straight hair as per dream. Many are willing to drain the wallet to do smoothing and rebonding hair in the salon. In order to save and appear with straight hair every day would be better if you have your own hair straightener at home.

Recognize Straight Hair Straightener For Your Hair

The more popular the trend of straight hair, the more hair straightening products that can be found in the market. Not a few multifunctional hair straightener that can be used not only to straighten but also to curl hair. For those of you who have curly and unruly hair certainly want a hair straightener to always be done at home every day before doing activities in the office or on campus.

The many types of hair straightener that appear on the market make you better meticulous in choosing a vise or hair straightener. There are three basic types of hair straightener that appear on the market, the basic materials of ceramics, titanium, and tourmaline It is better you have a little knowledge about these three basic ingredients before buying a hair straightener. Ceramic-based hair straightener is arguably rarely found when compared to a tourmaline-based hair straightener because it is a hair straightener with a ceramic base material that has gone past the days of its popularity in the past. This ceramic base material is safe and suitable for those of you who have thin hair and not too choppy. As for curly hair and more difficult to manage, tourmaline is more suitable than ceramics and is also the most sought-after type of hair straightener. The price of this hair straightener depends on the thickness of the tourmaline layer used. The thicker the layer then the price will be more expensive. Unlike ceramics and tourmaline, titanium-based hair straighteners are faster in delivering heat and are most widely used by professional hair stylist. Different quality of course also different price. The price of a titanium-based hair straightener is the most expensive on the market.

you should first check the specifications to make sure that you get a quality hair straightener and fit your hair. Generally, hair straighteners sold on the market appear in black. But there are also selling with a variety of colors and even have a motive picture. Besides looking at the attractive look of hair straightener.

Doing hair straightening with a hair clip can often damage your hair. Therefore, take care of your hair by using a hair serum before making the alignment so that the hair gets enough vitamins to survive from the heat of the catokan. Avoid also using hair straightener when hair is wet hair is wet or limp because it will damage the hair and cause unpleasant smells on the hair.
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